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Welcome to​ ​Ma​t​tcla ​Gr​oup ​- You​r success is ​our #1 Priority

With many successful years of Executive Sales and Marketing Leadership, Professional Coaching, and Business Transformation experience across multiple industries and business segments, we enable you and your business to transform, grow and achieve leading results. Whether you are looking for a seasoned Executive leader to advise you on your strategy, a fractional or interim growth Executive, a Leadership Coach or a specific engagement on a mission-critical project, we can help. From start-up to mature business,  we work with you to envision, plan and execute your growth, sales, and marketing transformation or team-building strategy.

Areas of Expertise

Fractional + Interim       Exec Engagements:          CRO, CCO, COO.       


Business Advisory, Management Consulting, start-up to exit


Revenue Growth Acceleration + GTM Project Execution 


Board Advisory

Sales, Channel and Market Transformation and Development

Leadership Coaching - Developing High Performance Leaders and Teams

 Operational Efficiency and  Excellence  experts

Contact Us to Schedule an Initial Consultation or Coaching Session


Email Address


We invite you to contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation. We'd love to learn more about your objectives,  requirements, challenges and opportunities, and work with you to build a clear action plan for success.

Let's start a conversation about how Mattcla Group can help you transform and grow your business, develop your leadership skills, engage leaders and teams,  to achieve your desired outcomes. 

We look forward to enabling your success!

Piero Fusco

Principal, Mattcla Group

(416) 882-1627

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