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Leadership and Executive Coaching

As professional coaches, we enable our clients to unlock the powers within to achieve their vision for sustainable, satisfying, and long-term success for their business and career.

We do this by considering a holistic view of the client, helping to identify goals, remove barriers and support them through building and executing their action plan for sustained career and business growth.

Our clientele ranges from emerging leaders, leaders in new and expanded roles, to c- level executives seeking improvement and growth in their leadership skillset. 

Statistics indicate that Leaders and Businesses who engage a Professional Coach outperform those who do not do so, by 2.5x-3.0x thus providing a very strong ROI for the investment.

Contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation to determine what Professional Coaching can help you accomplish.

Individual Coaching

  •  1- 1 Sessions on YOUR schedule, to help clear barriers, unlock success and build confidence
  • Power Hours - focused on specific challenges
  • C- level and Executive skills development 
  • Custom programs to help achieve your goals

Leadership Mentoring

  • Develop and enhance leadership skills and behaviours
  • New Leader mentoring and advisory
  • Team Mentoring and Development Programs available
  • Strategy, Planning, Organizational Change management  facilitation programs

Contact Us to Schedule an Initial Consultation or Coaching Session


Email Address


We invite you to contact us to discuss your  objectives, requirements, challenges and opportunities. 

Let's start a conversation about how Mattcla Group can help you transform sales and marketing and grow your business, develop  leadership skills, engage leaders and  teams,  to achieve your desired outcomes. 

We look forward to enabling your success!

Piero Fusco

Principal, Mattcla Group

(416) 882-1627

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