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Our Team

Mattcla Group, whose name is a combination of founding family members' first names, originates from a history of successful business transformation initiatives, many volunteer coaching and leadership hours, and a successful track record of coaching and developing individuals, teams and businesses. 

We take a caring, intentional, and well-executed approach to enabling success and are proud to offer you an expert group of passionate, dedicated, and results-oriented leaders, here to help your business in key areas:


Interim/ Fractional CRO/CMO/ CCO Engagements

Build-Operate-Transition (turnkey)

Business Advisory Services

  Strategy development, execution, and support in: 

Growth and Profitability acceleration
Sales and Marketing Leadership 
Digital Go To Market
Human Resources, Training and Onboarding Consulting
Operational Transformation


Special Projects

Our Founder

Piero Fusco, President


CRO/CCO/CMO On demand | Business Growth Accelerator | C- Suite Executive | Business Advisor | Executive and Leadership Coach | Operational Excellence | People & Culture Champion | 


Leadership + High Performance Operating System + Culture = Growth


An accomplished leader offering deep and broad executive leadership experience in transforming and growing business, delighting customers, and inspiring employees. An inspirational leader who supports continuous coaching and development to fuel sustained organizational growth. Recognized for improving sales methodology, market approach, and operational effectiveness to grow the business and win against the competition via a differentiated approach. Enhances the organization’s brand and culture with strong, people-first, highly engaged teams to be company ambassadors. Coaches Leaders to enable achievement of goals and long-term success.



  • Enhance shareholder value and increase profits
  • Strategic Business Planning and Execution
  • Enables operational excellence and efficiency
  • Creates and develops high performing & engaged teams
  • Ideates, plans, leads organizational change and transformation
  • Drives customer satisfaction and retention rates
  • Digital Transformation, Turnaround & Revitalization

    Operational Excellence and Management


  • Certified Executive and Professional  Coach
  • Leadership Development & Team Building Expert

Contact Us to Schedule an Initial Consultation or Coaching Session


Email Address


We invite you to contact us to discuss your  objectives, requirements, challenges and opportunities. 

Your initial consultation is FREE and you will receive a written summary of our recommendations to help your business.

Let's start a conversation about how Mattcla Group can help you transform and grow your business, develop your leadership skills, engage leaders and  teams,  to achieve your desired outcomes. 

We look forward to enabling your success!

Piero Fusco

Principal, Mattcla Group

(416) 882-1627

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